Conway High School Basketball Teams Bring In A Big Win


Connor Kendrick

RJ Patton, 12, drives to the goal against North Little Rock January 6.

Maci Jordan, Staff Writer

On Friday, January 6, both Conway High School girls and boys basketball teams played against North Little Rock at the Buzz Bolding Arena, with celebrated wins. 

The boys won in a close game with a score of 53-45. Rj Patton senior guard says, “Friday’s game was extremely fun to play in, it felt good to beat the 4th team in the state. It was a shocking upset to everyone except for us, we knew that we could easily win by doing the small things that Coach Adams talks about every day.” By helping his team, sophomore Kanard Turner led Conway with 21 points.

Conway and North Little Rocks High School girls’ basketball team plays an exciting game by both being the top-ranked schools in the state. Conway girls won 61-65 with a close-scoring game as well. Senior player Savannah Scott says, “It felt good to beat North Little Rock, our team played well and we followed through with the game plan. My teammates and I worked as a team as we made good decisions, and our coaches made the right calls.”

 With the number of fans and a fantastic student section, both Conway Basketball teams were ready to play hard and win big.