Wampus Cat Yearbook Receives National Honor from ASPA


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The American Scholastic Press Association reviews thousands of school publications annually.

Em Claflin, Staff Writer

The 2022 Wampus Cat Yearbook, “Brighter Days,” received the classification of First Place from the American Scholastic Press Association. The association recently completed its annual review of 2022 yearbooks and ranked the top publications from around the country.  

The competition was based on the criteria of content presentation, general page design, general photography, publication structure, and creativity. “Brighter Days” scored highest in creativity and content presentation.

Each year the American Scholastic Press Association holds its Yearbook, Magazine and Newspaper Review to highlight the top rated school yearbooks, magazines and newspapers from across the country.  Believing that the quality of a school’s publications and how they present themselves to their reading community is a guidepost to the quality of the publishing school, the ASPA finds that many studies have shown that the school yearbook is the one single item most often saved by graduates and can be located by most people even ten years later. This specific contest is held specifically to recognize those publications and help them both compare to others nationally and assist them in improving.  

“I think that it was really cool and well-deserved because everyone worked really hard on [last year’s] book. I’ve never seen one quite like it,” said Senior Editor Haley Studer.  This year’s book can be purchased online until January 27.