Students Speak: Black History Month


Lyn Sanders

Black History Month is in the month of February where African Americans, at changed history, are honored and highlighted in this month. During Black History Month, people go on to social media to express their feelings and opinions on African American activists and how they left an impact on the world and themselves. Around the Conway High School campus, students expressed their thoughts in an interview where they were asked about an African American person they look up to and why they think Black History Month is important.


Nate Lonix said he looked up to Muhammad Ali. Lonix is a junior at CHS and is on the Conway High band. He plays percussion for the band. When asked why he thinks Black History Month is important he said, “I think Black History Month is important because it highlights the things that we do not want to repeat in history.”


Another person that was asked these questions was Trinity Lasker-Byrd. Lasker-Byrd is a sophomore at Conway High and is in the Conway Choir. Lasker-Byrd is an alto for the choir. She says she looks up to Rosa Parks. Lasker-Byrd said, when asked the second question, “I think Black History Month is important because it lets you express our black history.”


The Next person that was interviewed was O.P. He is a senior at CHS. Pace says he looks up to Booker T. Washington. Pace said, “I just think it’s important to remember our history because the last thing we want is for history to repeat itself and it’s cool to acknowledge those who sacrificed for our world to be how it is today whether some think it’s perfect or not.” He was asked why he thought Black History Month was important, and who was an African American person he looked up to.

Kayla Smith was the last person that was interviewed and asked the same questions. Smith is a senior at Conway High School. Smith says she looks up to Martin Luther King Jr. When asked why she thought Black History Month was important she said, “I believe black history shaped all of history.”


After interviewing students around the campus they all said similar things when asked why Black History Month was important. All the students either said Black history should be honored and remembered or that it changed history for the better. The students want to keep Black History Month so that history doesn’t repeat itself again and again.