O-Money’s Top Four Restrooms at CHS


Owen Starnes

Restrooms at public schools typically get a bad reputation for being unsanitary and rather unpleasant to use. While many of the restrooms at Conway High School are unpleasant, I have chosen four restrooms that are pleasant and optimal for strategic school restroom-using. These will all be male restrooms with the exception of the number one spot, which is a single-room restroom.

  • The single-room restrooms in the music complex

These restrooms are the absolute best for student and staff use. One is located near the music complex entrance, the other on the second floor in the same spot. The toilets in these restrooms are comparably cleaner than the other restrooms, the soap dispensers work and are always loaded, there is a paper towel dispenser instead of the awful hand dryer, there are feminine products provided, and there’s even a bottle of air freshener. Also, the fact that the restroom is a single-room allows for maximum security.

  • The backstage restroom

The second restroom on the list is also found in the music complex. This restroom is found backstage next to the dressing room. The toilets in this restroom are tall, which is comfortable for a man of my height. There is also a nice green paint applied to the stall walls, which gives the bathroom a cozier feel. While not a private restroom, this restroom still has relative privacy, as it is located in a rather remote area of the school. My only complaint is the sluggish white soap dispenser, but there are other soap dispensers that are quicker and smoother located nearby.

  • The auditorium entrance restroom

Yet another restroom located in the music complex, this restroom is located near the auditorium entrance. Possibly one of the most unused, this bathroom is clean year-round. This restroom is optimal for those watching a concert, musical, or any sort of presentation. Other than the cleanliness and practicality, this restroom is pretty average.

  • The annex building restroom

This bathroom is a public bathroom, but due to the remote location of the annex building, the bathroom rarely has more than three people in it. This allows for some privacy. However, this restroom is knocked down a few points due to the hand dryers in place of paper towels, and the placement of the toilet in the smaller stall is a little too close to the wall. Other than that, this restroom is a solid pick for bathroom needs.

Now that I’ve mentioned my favorite four, I need to issue a warning regarding the worst bathroom in the school. The first floor bathroom, near the left side of the school (facing the school’s entrance), is awful. This bathroom has the most traffic, so little privacy is allowed. This restroom also features a toilet that will flush at random while in use (this may be fixed now). Avoid this bathroom at all costs. The above four are the best for bathroom needs at school, and I largely suggest not using any other bathroom unless you absolutely have to.