Simco’s Major Comeback


Maci Jordan

Coming back from a tragic sports injury can be very complicated and it could play a big role on your overall health. 

Anna Kate Simco, junior at Conway High School, plays soccer for the school, as well as Club soccer. Simco has been playing soccer for 13 years.

Simco tore her ACL on December 10, 2021, during tryouts of her sophomore year. Simco said “Right after I got hurt, I immediately thought I’d never be able to play again.” Just two weeks after getting hurt Simco found out that she did in fact tear her ACL. 

 Never giving up plays a big part in a sports injury, and giving up wasn’t something Simco did, she did all she could to get her strength back. Simco said “ I went to physical therapy most days of the week, and that helped me alot by staying confident in myself as well as getting my strength back.” Everyone needs motivation while playing a sport, Simco said “Coaches and teammates have a lot to do with it as well, they alway kept me up on my feet and always gave me motivation.”

Making your way back from an injury isn’t a quick recovery and definitely isn’t an easy process. Simco said, “At one point in my journey of my injury I felt as if my whole life was over and it took a big toll on my mental health.” 

After not playing her whole soccer season of her sophomore year, Simco is now a floater for both varsity and junior varsity for the high school. She practices five days a week for multiple hours a day. Even though she isn’t fully recovered, Simco makes an effort everyday to work her hardest.  Simco said “My goal for the rest of high school soccer is to win state, have the best year, and make everything count.”