Why Dogs Love Us


Oliver Wooldridge

For all the dog lovers out there, they know what a blessing it is that even after all the times you got mad at them for peeing on the rug, or chewing up your pair of slippers, that they still love you unconditionally, but there’s a question that has to be answered, why is that?

Lots of people have attempted to answer this question, and a group of scientists at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia found that dogs associate a person with a certain smell. This experiment revealed that when a dog smells its owner, the “reward” center of its brain is activated, and pumps dopamine into the rest of the brain, similar to when you smell your favorite smell. 

Other than smell, there are some ways that dogs love their owners, and here are some ways to tell if your dog loves its owner.

One way to tell is when your dog barks and jumps up and down when the owner walks through the door. Another way to tell is when your dog gives you a present, usually in the form of its favorite toy for you to play with. A way to tell is when they put you second only to food, or when they sleep with you, or when they give you “puppy eyes” even when you don’t have food, even though prolonged eye contact can be taken as an act of aggression, if they look at you and the pupils stay the same size, this is taken that they love you.

 Unlike humans, dogs do not care about your appearance, they don’t have a human mindset when it comes to judging humans on how crazy their hair is or how bad their breath smells, when they see you, they love for who you are. 

Finally, they follow you everywhere, when they follow you to the door, or to the bathroom, or in your bathroom, they feel like they have to protect you since that’s what you do for them.

In conclusion, whether you have a chihuahua, Siberian husky or golden retriever, just know that if you give them enough love, they will love you forever.