Is Baseball the Best?


Ryan Ecker

With baseball season returning soon, and the Conway High School baseball team being the defending state champions, baseball is a hot topic. There has always been the argument on which sport is the best. Most people say football, but basketball and baseball are also a lot of people’s choices. In my opinion, baseball is the best sport. 

I think that all sports are great and that any sport could be considered the best, but I think that baseball is the best overall sport. One reason why baseball is the best sport is because it doesn’t have a time limit. While almost every other sport has a time limit, baseball goes by innings. In baseball each team gets nine chances to score the most runs possible, and whichever team has more runs wins. In other sports like football, the game ends after a certain amount of time. This can lead to the game ending by a team running out the clock. While in baseball, no matter what happens both teams get the same amount of chances to score. This was shown in the super bowl when the Chiefs had the ball, and they ran out the clock until there was barely any time left and took the lead. Someone could argue that in sports with time, both teams get the same amount of time so it’s fair. While both teams get the same amount of time to score, they often don’t get the same amount of chances.

Another reason why baseball is the best sport is because of diversity in the game. While other American sports mostly consist of American born players, baseball is a more world wide game. In sports like football, you hardly see players who are international. In baseball some of the best players come from all over the world. In the World Baseball Classic that’s coming up, the US isn’t even the favorite to win it all. The Dominican Republic are most people’s pick to win the World Baseball Classic. They are headlined by their pitchers and infielders. Baseball is a competitive sport in many countries. Someone could argue that just because more countries watch a sport, doesn’t mean that it’s any better. This argument doesn’t work because when a sport gets attention from many countries, that sport becomes a more competitive and fun game for people all over the world. 

People could argue over which sport is the best all day. Everyone has their own opinion on it, and has their own reasons to back it up. However, in my opinion baseball is the best sport to watch and to play.