Flamingos Flock for a Reason


Trista Leonard

Conway High School’s Key Club is partnering with Conway Cradle Care for a “Flocking Fundraiser.” Key CLub and Cradle Care both get half of the proceeds each. Cradle Care is a program that helps teens with children or teens who are pregnant, finish school by supporting their academic and emotional needs along with development for their children. The fundraiser sends a “Flock of Flamingos” to your lawn either until you donate or after three days regardless of a donation, suggested donation is 25 dollars. If you donate you get to choose the next home they flock to. It can be a friend, neighbor, or a family member. The Key club uses its half of the proceeds to help with their convention costs. Maggie Lyon says, “I love the we are not only supporting our students going to the Leadership Conference, but also supporting an organization that helps teen moms.” Lyon is on the Conway Service Chair and a Lieutenant Governor for the District. More information can be found on the Conway High School Facebook page where a QR code can be used to donate at. You may also contact Mrs. Lancaster at [email protected]