Is the Silent Patient Worth the Hype?


Isabella Johnson

As many of us have many hobbies, playing golf, riding a bike and having fun with our friends, many people like to read. Reading lets you open up your world and feel something for characters that don’t even exist except in your mind.And sometimes the feelings are love and sometimes the feelings are shocked and amazed by the outcome of the book.  

The book The Silent Patient made me feel this way. The silent patient to give you some context is a book about a woman who has killed her husband. She is an artist and she shot her husband five times in the head and she won’t talk, not since she killed her husband. As the book went on it went through Theo Faber’s story of finding out and understanding why Alicia won’t talk. He goes through her history and her husband’s history. Eventually he gets her diary to understand her better, but while this is happening he is dealing with a cheating wife with someone who he doesn’t know. He actually follows her and sees her cheating. As the story wraps up after Alica starts to talk and she lies about the events of that night of Gabrial death when suddenly she almost dies and is put in a drug overdose come to find out it wasn’t a drug overdose, but simply attempted murder. Christian is suspected because he knew Alicia before she killed Gabriel, her husband and just didn’t want anyone to know. But the truth is Christian didn’t do it, Theo did it the whole time. He silenced her and he was the one that stalked her and eventually not knowing it pushed her over the edge to kill her husband. 

I feel like this book although the plot was amazing and breathtaking at points. But when the turning point came, when we found out Theo the main character was behind it all it was not like a pure shock it was a like ‘huh?’ feeling. I felt like the overall feeling was always confusing and I was always feeling bored until towards the middle of the book. 

This book was recommended years ago and really was popular. I feel like people hyped and really pushed this book out there when it wasn’t really worth the hype. It was a little overrated. I feel like if the book towards the beginning grabbed the reader’s attention more it would have a better rating and more readers loving this book. 

I overall wouldn’t recommend this book. It is slow and very boring at times and doesn’t catch you; although I love the plot throughout the book, it’s just not enough.