Screening Soon: Alamo Drafthouse Fayetville!


Cooper Milliken

Recently, it was announced that the 112 Drive In Movie Theater in Fayetteville, Arkansas was going to be turned into an Alamo Drafthouse sometime in 2024. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain was first founded in 1997 with their first location being in Austin, TX. This will be the first drafthouse location in Arkansas and it will be managed by Dave Anderson. This recent news is an exciting expansion for Arkansas Moviegoers. 

The Alamo Drafthouse chain has become renowned for their interesting technique of showing films, but also their execution of food services. According to the Alamo Drafthouse website “Theaters offer full food and drink menus. This includes all courses: appetizer, entree, dessert, as well as full bar options including innovative cocktails, spirits, award winning milkshakes and a huge local selection of draft beers.” Drafthouse theaters also offer alternative vegan options.

The theaters in the Fayetteville Drafthouse will hold a total of 800 seats across 8 theaters and dine-in service will be transported to audience members in part of the “ninja-trained wait staff.” All theaters will present in 4k Digital HFR and 7.1 Dolby surround sound. Alamo Drafthouse is also infamous for their variety in the films they show. The theater will show modern day Hollywood blockbuster films, but also independent and art films withholding a limited release. Alongside that, they’ll have special presentations and Movie Parties that will highlight past films or cult classics. As well, the Alamo Drafthouse will be continuing the drive in movie theater format that the previous theater bastioned alongwith the previously mentioned method of presentation. 

Jack Ghormley (12) recently visited the 112 Drive In theater for their first and final showing of the 2022 horror-comedy, Cocaine Bear. Ghormley claimed that, “I think it’s a pretty big move for Arkansas Moviegoing. The shifts up in Northwest Arkansas have brought a lot of creators and a new Alamo will be a huge moment for film fans in the state.” He also added that, “The first Drive-In for the chain is quite a unique twist for us.” It’s safe to say that the implementation of an Alamo will be a big move for the Arkansas movie community!