Seniors Take on the World!


Sarah Beth Sammons

Seniors Chloe Smith and Audrey Swaine have big plans for after highschool. They plan to both attend University Of Arkansas as roomates together.  

Chloe Smith wants to major in biomedical engineering. Her goal is to be a Lab Researcher/ Technician. Chloe has always loved math and science, and has been pretty good at it too.  Chloe confirmed her decision on the major after her time at engineering camp this past summer. While there she worked in research labs, confirming that her career choice was the right one. Chloe said “Biomedical Engineering is the perfect job for me.”

Audrey Swain is going to UofA to major in Interior Architecture and Design. She eventually wants to be an Interior Designer. She has always had a passion for design and transforming and changing a space. Audrey says “I would love to transform a bare space into a comfortable environment. 

These seniors are ready to take on college and the next part of their life.