O-Money Reviews 100 Gecs’ “10,000 Gecs”

Photo from Pixabay


Owen Starnes

100 Gecs has been a polarizing group ever since their debut album “1000 Gecs” was released. Their music combines sounds many people do not find appealing (high pitched vocals, ska revival, harsh noise) and transforms them into pop songs, earning the label “hyperpop.” The first song I listened to by the Gecs was “Money Machine,” a hard-hitting yet short song with high pitched, distorted vocals (this song would probably kill any person above the age of 90 in 5-10 seconds if they listened to it). I was a bit shocked by their sound, but I couldn’t stop listening to it. Eventually, I listened to the entirety of “1000 Gecs.” If I’m being honest, it took me around eight listens to understand it. But when it clicked it, it clicked. Now, “1000 Gecs” is one of my favorite albums of all time.

Since the release of the “1000 Gecs” remix album, “1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues,” I wanted to know what the Gecs had planned for the future. So when they released “Mememe” in November of 2021, I was very excited. The song didn’t let down, being one of my new favorites from the duo. However, it wasn’t until this year that we finally got their sophomore album, “10,000 Gecs.”

“10,000 Gecs” draws more influence from pop punk, ska, and hip hop than the duo’s previous works. This helps maintain the classic Gecs sound while still remaining fresh. However, one song I feel is too gimmicky and ends up sounding like a corny take on a nursery rhyme. That song is “Frog on the Floor,” which is probably my least favorite Gecs track. Other than that, this album is really good. Songs like “Dumbest Girl Alive,” “757,” “Hollywood Baby,” and “Mememe” make up for the disappointment on “Frog on the Floor.” “757” is by far my favorite track. The hook is catchy, the production is fantastic, and I love the Star Wars sample.

Overall, this album is really good. It’s pretty close in ranking to Caroline Polachek’s album from this year, “Desire, I Want to Turn Into You,” which I reviewed earlier this year (check it out). I don’t know which one is better, so for right now they’re both tied for number one. Listen to “10,000 Gecs” by 100 Gecs!