Upcoming Indie Drama Stars CHS Alumni

Images from Pixabay and edited by Cooper Milliken


Cooper Milliken

On February 26th, the fifth annual Kodak Film Awards was held at the American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse in Hollywood, California. Attending the ceremony was Conway High Alumni, Hart Denton. Denton was there as semi-promotion for his new film American Cherry which was entirely shot on Kodak film and filmed in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Early in February it was announced that the film would be coming to several rental streaming sites such as Video On Demand, Apple TV, Vudu, Google, and Amazon on March 17th. 

Denton has starred in several projects since his graduation from Conway High School, but American Cherry is projected to be one of his biggest projects to date as he stars in the lead role of Finn Elliot. The film is described as a psychological thriller in which Finn Elliot (Denton) is a dangerous loner at his highschool and has a strange obsession with filming the world around him. He simply claims to his love interest, Eliza (played by Sara May Sommers) that he’s simply “making a documentary” which implies a foreboding end to the story that he tells. The film was written and directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz and released by Buffalo 8 Distribution who also released the 2020 film Becky, the 2021 HBO Max original The Fallout, and the 2018 Academy Award winning film BlacKkKlansman.

After viewing the trailer, theater and film student Tania Islas (11) said that, “This trailer alone gave a kind of nostalgia to classic American movies, but added a twist of danger and thrill. Because of the romance element mixing with the crazy psychotic side of Finn, it’s like a dangerous love type thing.” Once told that the genre was a “psychological thriller” Islas exclaimed that, “Oh that fits it perfectly. If I could change it just a bit, I think a psychological romance would fit it much better due to the crossover of these two elements.” The film can be streamed at home on March 17th.