Seniors get their cap and gowns



Gabby Stagner holding up her cap and gown.

Megan Lovett, Editor/Staff Writer

On April 4, 2023 cap and gowns were distributed by Jostens to the seniors in the main building. Senior Gabby Stagner got hers today and talked about her plans after graduation. “I plan to go to UCA and get a bachelor of business degree, and minor in human resources. If I’m not burnt out by that point, I plan to get a masters. I really want to live in Fort Smith or Eureka Springs. I hope to get married and at some point have or adopt children.” Conway Highschool is once again letting go of another group of students out into the world where they’re officially starting the rest of their lives. When asked how she felt about it, Stagner had this to say, “I’m really anxious with graduation being so close. It feels like the school year has flown by with both good and bad things along the way. I’m also really excited about it. I’m ready for college, and can’t wait to go make new friends and hopefully start a badminton club at UCA. While graduation does bring the ending of our high school years, it’s also bringing new opportunities for everyone.”