CHS Theatre Students to Perform MacBeth


Theatre 2 students work on blocking for their upcoming performance of Shakespeare’s MacBeth

Harley Lee, Staff Writer

Theater teacher Anthony Spiridigliozzi has been working on a public play MacBeth for his Theatre 2 class to perform by October 23. The play will take place at the Conway High School Auditorium. The theatre 2 class is putting on this play for fun and entertainment.

The students have been working on this play since the beginning of September. They auditioned by memorizing a line from Shakespeare plays and acting it out in front of their class, and his theatre 3 class. They have been working harder and harder everyday. The lead, Berris Teague said, “I’m so excited to play such a big role, but it’s stressful to remember all the lines.” They are making it as interesting as possible by creating their own costumes and shortening the play to about an hour.

MacBeth will be the first play of the school year at Conway High. Anyone is welcome to come, and admission is free.