Basketball Madness Kicks Off Wampus Cat Basketball Season


Pierson Wekkin

Basketball season began last Tuesday with Basketball Madness.

Pierson Wekkin, Sports Reporter

Conway Varsity, Junior Varsity, White and Blue sides boys and girls scrimmaged in Basketball Madness on Thursday November 3 at 4;30. In addition to scrimmaging all players were introduced.  Most teams played one 15 minute half with a rolling clock. No score was kept as it was an exhibition match but the crowd, teams, dance and cheer teams brought excitement to this event. Conway 8th Grade White Side boys scrimmaged against the 8th grade Blue Side boys as they brought a fun filled match for fans. Blue Side was in complete control most of the game thanks to their huge big man Jamal Holden who demonstrated his height and used it to his advantage. Next up was the 9th Grade White Side boys vs 9th Grade Blue Side boys this game was more competitive as the teams were more evenly matched. Junior Varsity and Varsity girls were next in a highly anticipated scrimmage with them being a top girls team in the country. And they did not disappoint as one star studded side dominated the other team in an ugly game. Finally the Varsity and Junior Varsity boys went at it in a competitive game that ended in a 17-17 tie. This game was electric throughout the whole time with a solid defensive match between both teams. There were plenty of charges, steals, blocks, dunks, and 3 pointers that amazed the crowd. Varsity Boys follwed up Basektball Madness with a nonconference match at Maumelle yesterday.  The Hornets defeated the Cats 65-62.  They play their conferenc eopener next Tuesday at home against Bentonville.