UCA Film Festival: The Details

Image from UCA’s Instagram


Entering the second quarter of the school year, UCA students are preparing for the UCA Film Festival on May 4th. Many of the UCA Film Students are spending the next several months filming the projects they’ll submit for awards consideration. The 2023 Festival will be their 18th Annual Event and will feature a screen and awards ceremony for the films selected last year at the 17th Annual Awards. The ceremony begins at 7pm and the event will be held at the Reynolds Performance Hall completely free of charge as well as fully open to the public. 

The films up for awards consideration are as follows: Ian O’Dwyer and Kennedy Timmerman’s Blood Bunny, Tanner Manasco’s Cossatot, Levi Smith’s Double Trouble!, Tomoya Sakurai’s Façade, Samantha Carr’s Honeybee, Casey Floyd’s Kind Eyes, Chris Milliham’s Leo, Paula Blanco Perez’s Mistakes & Dear Shadow, Cy Sheffeild’s night Drive, Nathaly Moreno’s Perséfone, John Cobb’s The Dream Job, Brett Helms’ The Lucid Cure, Porter John’s Virgin, and Mat Fort’s yellow. To be fully admitted and considered into the festival the films were and will be first viewed by the UCA Film Faculty then a panel of judges will view their presentations at the festival. Past judges have included Arkansas director David Gordon Green (Halloween Ends, Stronger), director Rebecca Thomas (Archive 81, Stranger Things), and film critic Philip Martin. 

For more updates many can view the UCA Film Twitter and Instagram accounts (@UCAFILM) or email Bruce Hutchinson at [email protected]