Everything You Need to Know Before You Watch ‘Five Feet Apart’

Sydney Greathouse, Staff Writer

The movie “Five Feet Apart” directed by Justin Dalboni is making its debut this week as every single Cole Sprouse loving teenage girl runs to their local theatre. The movie is based on the book “Five Feet Apart” written by Mikki Daughtry, Rachael Lippincott, and Tobias Iaconis. The dramatic love story is about a boy named Will and a girl named Stella who both live with cystic fibrosis, fighting for love and the will to be close together despite their sickness. The premiere has sparked some major celebrity gossip, giving us all of the feels as the movie is around the corner. On the other hand… the celebrity scoop leading up to this situation has been sweet and worthy of all the attention.  

The famous Riverdale couple Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have made their love known previously after months of attempting to keep in on the down low. Which has caused a major fan investment from multiple platforms. In the movie, Cole Sprouse (Will) and Haley Lu Richardson (Stella) play the couple, while still staying true friends in real life and open with their personal relationships as well. Reinhart has shown her approval of the movie couples friendship through multiple posts on instagram, keeping the situation light hearted. You could even say that her and Richardson are friends. Like, how? Sprouse is acting like he is in love with someone else all the time! That is accepted though because Richardson is in fact engaged to Brett Dier, having proposed herself. Amy Reinhart (Lili’s mother) follows Haley Lu Richardson on instagram, liking multiple posts of her daughters boyfriend with another girl. Despite the crazy outcomes of this situation, the interaction going into the movie has fans already loving the story itself. Overall, we are ALL FOR this easy breezy crossover and encouragement all around, and can’t wait to see the movie.