Valentine’s Day Debate

Valentine's Day Debate

Makayla Dunlap, Staff Writer

People around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 by buying gifts for their significant others or simply buying themselves a gift. Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of love and romance; however, the history of this day isn’t all romance and love. The idea of this holiday started back in the 650BC when St, Valentine was killed after being imprisoned. Before his death, he wrote a letter to his jailor’s daughter signing it “from your valentine”. This started the “be my valentine” stigma. From a religious view-point, this holiday started from a festival of fertility called Lupercalia. We as humans, associate this day when romance is in the middle of February because it is the time of mating season for the birds. I personally believe that romance and love should be celebrated everyday not just on Valentine’s Day. I think this holiday shouldn’t be a holiday. It is all based on birds and an ex-con and simply does not make sense. If you really love someone, you should show your love for them everyday not just on February 14. It makes people who have no significant other feel alone and unwanted more than they do on any other day. This holiday is more for the stores than people in general.