Yellowstone: The Best Show of 2020


Collin Cunningham, Staff Writer

Over thanksgiving break, I started watching the tv show Yellowstone. Yellowstone by far is the best tv show I have ever seen.

With currently 3 seasons out and a 4th season waiting to be released, the show takes place in Montana. It is about a family ranch owned by a man named Jon Dutton. Dutton has 3 sons and a daughter. The show is about the family doing whatever it takes to protect the massive family ranch. And when I say whatever it takes it is almost an understatement; there is nothing they will not consider doing to save their homes.

The ranch also has many other characters. From ranch hands to Native Americans on the nearby reservation. The show tackles big problems we see today such as stereotypes, discrimination, and other forms of racism. Viewers will experience almost every form of emotion. Each episode is action packed filled with laughter, anticipation, fear, and sadness. Also touched on are the general hardships of life such as marriage, death, and trying to raise children in today’s society. Yellowstone could be categorized as almost any genre, from action, drama, to even a western. Anyone can easily get hooked and binge this show like I have.