SZA has Everlasting Impact on the Teenage Community with CTRL

Laney Kellybrew, Staff Writer

Although SZA’s CTRL album was released in what will be 5 years in 2022, the notorious R&B production remains one of the most raw and impactful pieces of art to teenagers today. 

The album consists of fourteen songs (with one interlude), that detail several of the challenges and heartbreaks that accompany the average young-adult female’s life. From relationships, to fear of success, to all of the other deep emotions and insecurities that follow the growth of young women. The album provides security and comfortability in these things, normalizing these emotions associated with early development. 

Not only does the album provide significant representation for young women, but the music in itself is revolutionary. As one of the most prevalent leaders of modern R&B, SZA’s style is similar and most likely influenced by artists such as Rihanna, specifically the ANTI album. Both have a more unconventional and enchanting presence on the listener. With only guitar and bass opening the album with a gentle tone, it slowly grows in percussion with more of an upbeat and hopeful feel. 

This coincides with the purpose of the album, to recognize that problems such as these cannot always be controlled, and to find comfort and stability in knowing that. As the album progresses, she pushes this hopefulness through the music, creating a completely unique, valuable, and vulnerable experience to any teenage girl, or young adult in general.