An Insight To The Ideal Valentines Day Gift


Megan Lovett, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with that comes people tiring out their thumbs and wallets on amazon. If not amazon, then desperately raiding stores for that perfect gift for that special someone. We all know the feeling when we have absolutely no idea what to get someone. Candles, soaps, perfumes, blankets, roses, these are the first things that come to mind when thinking of ideas on what to get them. Sometimes it’s not just a partner, sometimes it’s a gift for your mother or any special person that you just wanna express your gratitude towards. So to help those people out who are in need of help, I have a list of ideas. I went around asking people what their ideal gift was for valentines day, and you won’t be disappointed. 

  • A Picnic and Flowers: This suggestion came from Anneliese Jewell, a 9th grader at the junior high.  She said that her ideal valentines gift would be “a cute picnic and flowers.” I couldn’t agree more. You’ve seen it in the movies and heard about it in songs. It’s more than just “here’s a gift I ordered.” It shows effort and it doubles as a date. 
  • A Handwritten Letter: There’s no better way to tell the person you admire or care about how much you truly love them than with a letter. It’s a literal expression of how you feel in words. It’s a very sweet gesture. This suggestion came from Caleb Dobbins, a 10th grader at Conway High School. 
  • Chocolate and Flowers with a card: This is a classic, but classics are classics for a reason. A little card that lets you know you’re thinking of them, and some chocolates that are as sweet as them. The flowers are the cherry on top with the gesture of your admiration. This suggestion came from Cailee Cargal, a 10th grader at CHS. 
  • A Night In: Movies, cooking together, or just doing anything together. Sometimes it’s just a gift in itself to be together with your loved one(s). Enjoying your person’s presence is a surefire way to let them know you love them. “Honestly, I think even just a night of watching movies, cooking together, or just doing anything together would be a gift in itself.” Hanna Althen said, a student at Henderson University in her third year of college
  • A Plushie: Sometimes the key to someone’s heart and happiness is much simpler than we make it out to be. For example, a plushie. You can get one almost anywhere. You can make it mean more by getting a plushie of their favorite character, favorite food, or anything really. This suggestion came from Aspen, an 11th grader at Conway High School. 
  • Jewelry: A stunning necklace that can lay around your neck shimmering, a ring with their birthstone, a bracelet with initials or an important date, or even simply just some earrings they’ve had their eyes on. This suggestion came from Sophie Francis, a 10th grader from CHS. 
  • Music: Words are extremely powerful, and they are one of our clearest forms of communication. Music is a way of using words and art to express yourself through a beautiful tune. Caleb Dobbins suggested this as well.  The advantage to this gift is the vast amount of possibilities. You could write a song, pick a song for them, change the lyrics to fit them, or even just have a song together.