Why Financial Planning Should be Required for Graduation


Ellie Matthews, Staff Writer

Many schools require you to take math, science, English, and a course of history before graduation. I believe that schools should add teaching students about finance, and teaching them about life skills as a requirement. Conway has the amazing opportunity to let students pick some of their electives, and Conway has a lot of choices. 

I have been in finance classes since I was in 8th grade. The class financial planning has been very helpful to me. In this class I have learned how to write a check, set a budget, all about different types of insurance, and I have even learned about investing. 

Not everyone will want to have a future in the financial industry, or a business industry at all. Which is completely understandable, I would not survive a day in a welding class and I doubt some kids would ever want to step foot in a marketing class. Yet, whether people grow up to be a cosmetologist, teacher, football player, accountant, doctor, business owner, or just a stay at home parent they will need to know how finances work. 

At some point in our life we will get a job. Once we do, we will need to know how to budget that money, where we want to invest money, how to fill out a W2 form, and to know what a 401K is. I started my first job this summer, before my sophomore year of highschool. When I got my job I did not know how I was going to budget my money at all. I knew I wanted to save as much money as I could, but I had no plan. After taking my financial planning class I understand so much more about the value of saving, and where it’s okay to spend money that I worked hard for, but also how to set a budget. 

I do not think that they should take math, science, English, or history classes out of the school systems. I believe those are classes that help you grow, and classes you could use in your future. I just also think that adding the financial planning class as a requirement to graduate would help set my generation up for success.