Luka Duszota: A Triple Threat


Megan Lovett, Editor/Staff Writer

We all know that person who’s incredibly hardworking and motivated. They seemingly have one too many things on their shoulders for the average person, yet they keep on going as if they don’t. They smile through it all and never seem to be done accomplishing their goals. Luka Duszota is that person, a Junior at CHS who despite just being a teenager, has already set up a path for himself. Duszota currently works 3 jobs as a model, a powerwasher, and a modeling scout. Luka’s father is the first generation from Poland and the model has done everything in his power to keep the culture alive and thriving by continuing to use and appreciate the language. A typical day in the life of Luka Duszota goes something like this: Wake up at 6:00 A.M, get dressed, head to wrestling practice at 7:15 A.M, go to school until 3:10 P.M, 4:00 P.M hit the gym, 5:30 P.M cook dinner for the family, 6:30 P.M finish up homework, 8:30-9:00 P.M do some work, and at 10:00 P.M sleep. Luka will also be starting Judo classes soon as well. Clearly, there is a lot to do on a typical day for Luka. “Honestly, I was terrible at time management as a kid because I lose my focus really quickly. I’ve learned to set a ton of alarms, physical reminders on notes, etc. After about 20 days it just becomes routine. Friday is my day off after wrestling practice. I typically hit the gym Saturday or go to work, and work Sunday if needed.”