Purtle Around the Bases


Ryan Ecker, Staff Writer

“Purtle around the Bases”

Conway sophomore Ty Purtle has lots of hobbies, but his favorite hobby is playing baseball. Purtle plays baseball for Conway High School and the Fieldhouse Stars. Purtle has learned and improved a lot since making the High School team. He is a very hard worker and wants to do anything he can to help his team. He is looking forward to the upcoming season this spring.

Purtle has played baseball for ten years. He plays first base and pitcher for the Conway baseball team and the Fieldhouse Stars. Purtle said, “I want to play for the JV team this season.” He played for the freshman team last year, but he hopes to get some playing time this upcoming season on the JV team. Purtle has played for the Conway Titans, the Fieldhouse Titans, the Fieldhouse Stars, and the Conway Wampus Cats during his baseball career. He was part of the state championship winning baseball team. Purtle said, “I hope we can go back to the state championship again this year.” The team’s season starts in March and ends in May. Purtle has hit 80 MPH while pitching and is hoping to build on that. 

The team practices Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the mornings starting at 6:10 AM. They also practice in the afternoons everyday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. The main drill the team does at practice is called warrior BP. The drill has some people playing defense and some people hitting. They have four rotations of the drill. Purtle has played baseball for a while, and loves to play it. While most players just do either hitting or pitching, he does both. Purtle enjoys watching the Chicago Cubs play baseball when he isn’t. He is excited about the upcoming season and hopes he can do well for his team. 

Purtle loves to play baseball, but he also cares about his academics. He is doing well in both baseball and school. He hopes to keep improving at baseball throughout the next couple of years. Baseball season is coming, and Purtle is ready.