Conway High student makes music in his free time


Rayna VanKeuren, Journalism I Student

The bell rings and students swarm the hallways. One of those students, Spencer Hinson, has an amazing talent. He creates music.

Hinson was introduced to an opportunity to make music in 9th grade, “We had a project in Mrs. Beene’s class that involved a way to present what happened in Romeo and Juliet, and one of the options for storytelling was a rap song.” Inspired by the thought of creating music, he decided to attempt the challenge by using his brand new laptop and microphone to help with the project. “That’s where it all started,” Hinson said.

Hinson says, “I enjoy making all genres to challenge my vocal capabilities.” Though he makes music of all types, “…rap is the main genre I make and one reason for that is because it is challenging but easy at the same time.” Hinson loves challenges, but making music serves an important purpose to him, “It is a coping mechanism for me.” He said. His next album is going to be called “Mind… shameless plug”, and said that his reasoning is because it’s, “Sort of like a way to get things off my chest without having to talk to someone about it.”

Hinson hopes that his hobby turns into a career, but said, “…it’s hard to gain traction in a market that is so heavily saturated with people you know are better than you. The only options you have are to keep practicing and making music and slowly climb your way up with the big stars.”

Hinson has a piece of advice for people like him who want to start making music, “Don’t rush into it. You may be terrible at first, I know because I was, but as with everything, practice makes perfect… Make sure to listen to feedback… Listen to those who call you bad, and instead of ignoring those who say bad things about your music, take into account their perspective instead of casting off their opinions. It’ll have a great effect on your music in the future and help you become a better person in the process.”