AJ Windsor Dives Into Action


Owen Starnes , Staff Writer

    Alexander James (or AJ for short) Windsor is a diver for the Conway Dive Team. He started diving three years ago, but before that, he liked to do flips on a trampoline, beginning to compete at only eight-years-old. Windsor began diving, as he believed it to be a “mentally demanding sport that calls for a high level of self control, focus, and resistance to fear.” His height (“six-foot-four, but five with shoes”) makes him a unique addition to the team, his posture being noticeably different from his teammates.

Windsor dives every weekday (and sometimes Saturdays) for two hours. When asked if diving has its drawbacks, Windsor described a time when he had just had his hair bleached and the chlorine from the water gave his hair a green tint. But other than that, Windsor loves diving and its benefits.

Windsor is also very thankful for the community that the dive team provides, saying, “I absolutely adore the team’s bondage. It really brings us closer and strengthens the community.” Windsor plans to continue diving for many years to come.

       And, while he isn’t diving, Windsor is playing the xylophone in band, listening to his favorite band Death Grips, or “debating nerds online” on philosophy. When asked about his diving philosophy, he said, “In the face of fear, backing down can only hurt you. Knowing that being scared is human, but allowing the fear to control you isn’t helpful.”