Wampus Cat Wrestling Kicks off at Little Rock Central Classic


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The Wampus Cat Wrestling team attended The Little Rock Classic wrestling tournament December 3.

Pierson Wekkin, Sports Reporter

Conway Wampus Cat Boys varsity wrestling team went to the Little Rock Central Classic tournament where they  had four people who finished in 4th place. Conway finished 8th in the tournament overall. Cash Cavendar, Ismael Ibrahaim, Narathorn Cunningham all finished 4th place in their weight class. Cunningham finished 4th in the 126 pound division, Oakes scored 10 points and finished 4th in the 190 pound division, and Ibrahaim finished 4th in the 285 pound division with 10 points. Sophomore Jackson Mosley  said “We have a lot of work to do overall to improve. I felt like I did alright,  but it is only my first year so I have some practice to do.

Their next meet is tomorrow at Sylvan Hills.