Teenage Limbo


Jessie Bradshaw

In early 2020 “Chemical Hearts” was released. It stars Lili Reinhart who played Grace Town and Austin Abrams who is playing Henry Page. At the start of the film there is kind of an eerie sight of the characters. Henry feels he has never experienced anything interesting since becoming a teenager and we see Grace as the quiet and standoffish new girl.

Henry and Page meet because they are both scouted as writers for the school newspaper. Henry had worked for this opportunity and Grace denied it. After talking to Grace Henry began getting rides home from her. Although they would walk to her house, he would drive himself home in her car, then she would walk home from there. Then every evening someone would come pick the car up. I  think Henry and Grace shared an interest for each other but after Dominc’s  death- Grace’s boyfriend- Grace was afraid to open up and felt she had nothing to offer Henry. It seemed Henry wanted to figure Grace and Grace wanted so badly to heal . The only thing he knew for sure was she wasn’t going to write. Grace only had interest in editing. Although her ideas were phenomenal.

Grace had approached Henry with an idea for the last issue of the school paper. It was to represent the graduating class, for them to leave their mark. Grace came up with the term ‘Teenage Limbo’ she described it as  our teenage years are sometimes too much to handle. You have so much influence and advice and how the pressure from our parents and friends affect us. Whether we aren’t doing enough or according to friends we aren’t trying the right things. 

I think this story shows so much more than just an inexperienced boy and an incredibly confusing girl. It shows that being a teenager isn’t something that comes natural to any of us and yet we are all criticized for. We have a constant reminder to be our best, achieve great things, and start off strong. Is that what our teenage years are about? Starting off strong. Are we supposed to waste these years to set us up for a future none of us are guaranteed. Thus ‘Teenage Limbo’.