Caring Cats Make Christmas Possible for Area Children

Madison Ritchey, Staff Writer

For many years now, CHS’s Caring Cats club has coordinated a gift-buying program called Angel Paws under the direction of former teacher Cheryl Daniels.  This program collects Christmas presents for kids in the community whose families cannot afford to buy them. Teacher Alye Bell assisted Daniels until her retirement and headed the program herself for the first time this year.  

Students didn’t have to be a Caring Cats member in order to donate.  To get involved, they simply stopped by Mrs. Bell’s classroom and pick up a paw of their choice.  Each paw lists the gifts wanted or needed, along with the age, gender, and certain sizes of the child.

Mrs. Bell’s favorite part of the process is toward the end, “It’s kind of like a little north pole pulling everything together,” she said. Having so many applicants in need and the fact that it’s the first year tackling things on her own, one would think Bell would be in for major stress; however, Bell describes it as “a good stress” due to the fact that she knows they were able to help so many people.

Bell says the group was able to make Christmas possible for over 100 children this year.  She wants to thank all the Caring Cats (past and present) who donated gifts, money, and time.  She also wants to thank Sig Ep, Virco, Glover Fitness, and many more for going above and beyond with their time and donations. Bell says, “The quote ‘it takes a village’ comes to mind and my village is INCREDIBLE!”