The Crunk Crew’s Unique Apparel


Students are huge fans of the Crunk Crew shirts.

Clara Spivey, Staff Writer

 The CHS Crunk Crew decided to give their fans a stylish token of love and support during the football game against Little Rock Central High School on Friday, October 22, played on the CHS football field. The small group of talented musicians came up with the creative idea of letting other members of the CHS band write hilarious slogans related to the Crunk Crew on plain white t-shirts to throw into the student section during the game. Many band students lined up with markers ready to write their best, most humorous one-liners in support of the Crunk Crew. Many shirts included sayings such as, “Make America Crew Crunk Again” and “I burned 30,000 Calories in Crunk Crew.” The Crunk Crew believes that students wearing a homemade shirt created by other musically inclined students at CHS is a great way to support and appreciate the Conway Band Program and the awesomeness that comes with the Crunk Crew itself. In fact, lots of students really love the shirts. Senior Olivia Johnson says, “People love Crunk Crew and watching them play. Getting a shirt from them makes us feel included in the group almost. It’s also really funny to see the things they can come up with to put on the shirts and how none of them are ever the same.”