This Conway Cast is Ready for Christmas!



The cast list was posted via social media as well.

Cooper Milliken, Staff Writer

On September 20 Johnny Passmore, theater teacher at Conway Junior High School, released the cast list for the 2022 CHS Fall Play, A Christmas Carol. He posted the cast list on the Schoology group for the play and those in the cast quickly reposted it (alongside their reactions) onto their personal social media. The cast list includes Carly Campbell as Ebenezer Scrooge, Ana Brandon as The Ghost of Christmas Past, Cooper Milliken as The Ghost of Christmas Present, Penny Derden as Bob Cratchit, and many others of the Conway High School student body. 

When asked about the project, Penny Derden said that she is, “Very excited,” and that she is, “confident in Mr. Passmore, as well as the entire cast and crew, to create an environment that is both productive and fun to work in.” Penny also said that she is, “definitely looking forward to Carly Campbell as Scrooge.” Ana Brandon agrees as she said that she’s excited to see Carly as Scrooge and is, “so glad our director decided to go with a girl.” Although Campbell herself says that, “I know this is cliche, but I am really excited for everyone. From everyone that I know, it’s a really good cast. I’m excited to see how they interpret the characters that I love. I’m excited to see how Eli brings on the horror with Marley, how Ana brings the nostalgia and sadness with the ghost of Christmas past, and how Cooper brings the joy and regret with the ghost of Christmas present.” 

The cast is doing their first table read Wednesday, September 28th, and the show will be the first weekend of December. They will be performing in the Conway Junior High School auditorium.