Delta Beta Smith


Larson Coney

The normal, everyday extracurricular activities for some people may be a sport, academic club, or even an internship. Well, for senior Avery Smith, one of her normal extracurricular activities is Delta Beta Sigma also known as DBS.

 DBS is a Christian sorority for high school girls that promotes friendship and togetherness. Smith has been doing DBS since Sophomore year, and she heard about it through older friends who had done it and recommended it to her. Smith agreed that she would do it, and thought it would be a good way to make new friends and gain community service hours at the same time. This year Smith is the vice president of sisterhood; this means that she is one of the main girls in charge of planning monthly events for the rest of the girls. They actually host 2 open socials and 2 formal dances for the sisterhood. “It’s a great way to get to know other girls and serve the community. It has really prepared me for greek life in college,” said Smith. 

The thing that makes DBS so special is that not everyone makes it, they have recruitment events such as picnic dates, group breakfasts, and parties. Overall, DBS makes the community better, and they even plan on hosting their own national philanthropy this year for Make a Wish International.