Conway High School Announces Prom


Conway High School

On April 1, Juniors and Seniors will be welcomed to Prom from 8-11PM.

Riley Townsell, Staff Writer

Conway High School’s Prom of the 2022-23 school year will take place on April 1, 2023, from 8-11 PM at Conway High School, for Juniors and Seniors. Prom is a tradition that is extremely popular and heavily anticipated. The announcement of the date is just the beginning of the wave of excitement this tradition brings. 

Student Council is responsible for the planning and follow through of Prom along with many other traditions. But with the announcement comes preparation, with that being said, the Prom Planning Committee has officially been formed. This committee will hold lots of responsibility in the upcoming months, as well as the student council in general. This is an opportunity for the students to get to voice their opinions on how they want their prom to be. And I got the privilege of speaking to a member of the committee about her reason for joining and the excitement she has for it. 

Student Council member Chloe King,  said, “I want to help every CHS senior and junior feel included and have fun at their prom by creating a safe and fun environment for all those who are going!” King has lots of great ideas to bring to the table and is excited to help pick the theme. King thinks prom is a super exciting tradition because it gives students a happy moment to look forward to so that they can spend time dressed up and having fun with their friends, which is something everyone loves to do. 

The Prom Planning Committee will meet this week and ideas will be flowing. So excited to see what plans are made for a fun and intriguing Prom 2023.