The Necessity of Having a Million Playlists


Mia Farfan-Martinez, Staff Writer

If you’re anything like me, you probably have around a million playlists sitting in your Spotify or Apple music library at the moment. All of which consist of different genres of music with probably the most absurd names but are there to simply suit your emotional needs. However, in all honesty, having all these playlists is a must, and creating them is truly addicting. 

For me, there doesn’t need to be a certain circumstance to lead me to create these playlists.  I could be very much emotional, feeling sad, mad, or happy. I could also just be bored and decide to create one just for the fun of it, or simply I could just hear one particular song and create an entire playlist based on it. Really for me, the circumstance doesn’t matter, I will always manage to find a way to create a playlist once a week. 

Besides that, having these playlists is not just about the fun of creating them, although it is very fun. Making playlists help as a way to what I’m feeling or thinking in a matter of songs. Sometimes even serving as an escape, that at times does make me feel better. And given that these songs are all ones I love, they help lift my spirits, especially if it’s ones I’m able to sing my heart out to. 

But what these playlists also seem to do is encapsulate my love for every artist and genre out there. Because my taste in music is all over the place, never once consisting of one singular genre of music. So by having them they also help to organize them, and I’m able to play whatever I’m feeling all at once without having to shuffle through different songs. Whether that may be rap, pop, or classical, I can always be certain that it will all be there. 

So really having more than a million playlists is very much necessary in my life. They really do make my life easier when it comes to looking for what I’m in the mood for. Not to mention creating them is very much an addiction to me at this point.